Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trade with the Gooch

I recently did a trade with The Gooch, a Yankee fan with a new blog called In The Ballpark. I sent him a bunch of Yankees (mostly doubles from my recent trade with GCRL) and in return he sent me some Marlins, Cubs and Mariners he had too many of. The great thing about being an omnivorous collector is that cards from any team, not just your favorite, are fun.

Getting a couple of hundred Marlins cards was a sea of teal that actually looks pretty cool.

Here's Steve Buechele with his little Cub.

Current Yankee Damaso Marte's rookie card in 1999 Fleer Tradition Update. Gooch must have a ton of this set - I got about ten cards of each Mariner, Marlin and Cub in the set. If you have any needs for this set, let me know (or maybe let him know!). Also if you have any Mariner, Marlin or Cub needs or if you collect one of the teams and want to do a general trade let me know!

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