Saturday, September 26, 2009

Al Leiter is a Toys R Us Kid

During last night's Yankee game on YES, Michael Kay and Al Leiter were going through some viewer mail and opened a letter to Leiter with this card inside:

Kay thought it was very funny that it was a Toys R Us "Collectors Edition." Leiter said he remembered the card and thought it came with a toy - I think he was confusing it with a Starting Lineup card.

When Leiter saw the card he was struck by two things. One was the stirrups - "Those weren't painted on, they're real stirrups!" More interestingly, he noted that his hands were too far back in his windup, which helped lead to the injuries he suffered early in his career.

Kay jokingly asked how much it was worth, offering to sell it to Leiter. I looked it up on Beckett, and in mint condition is twenty cents.

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  1. Ha ha yeah, I saw that on the game last night. Pretty fun, that Kay thought it was like a 10 dollar card. I wonder who sent that Through the Mail out. Good point!