Thursday, September 3, 2009

A 1992 Topps Kids error

1992 Topps Kids was the first Topps set to feature cartoons that actually looked like the player (i.e. black players had dark skin, etc). But check out this cartoon of Tom Glavine:

Since when is Glavine blond? (I'll ignore the roided-up body for now.) He doesn't look blond on the front of the card.

But maybe it's not clear, so I looked online. It turns out that there is a site called that includes in its player ratings "appearance ratings." For Glavine, it confirms that his hair color is black. It also lists his skin tone as "2", his hairstyle as "2 unknown," and his face number is 40.

Whatever that means.


  1. Haha I love how you notice stuff like that on cards. I definitely have this Glavine sitting in a binder, but never noticed that before. And what a weird site...haha 2 unknown what does that even mean?

  2. Tom's hair is definitely not black though- it's more dark/dirty blonde or light brown.