Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6-in-30: Binder 1

Dinged Corners has come up with a great new idea - pick out six cards from a baseball card binder in 3o seconds. I keep most of my cards in boxes, arranged by set. However, for sets of less than ten cards, they go in one of two binders. I have organized my cards this way since I was a kid, and I still have the same two binders for sets I have less than ten cards of. I decided to do a 6-in-30 for each binder. Here are the results for the first binder:

These cards were being given away by McDonald's with a meal purchase back in 2003. I purposely went to Mickey D's for lunch each day to get these, and would ask for cards when they wouldn't give them. 2003 was Hideki Matsui's first year with the Yankees, as a result this was my first card of him:

This is not the only trainer card I have from a minor league set. Apparently they are often included, but never in major league sets. Gene Monahan has been the Yankees trainer for 44 years and as far as I know has never been on a card. Not so for Jim Kahmann of the 1989 Orlando Twins.

Nothing special about this card, just a great photo of the Capitol Punisher.

The light glinting off of Mariano Duncan's shiny signature caught my eye.

This one only caught my eye because I happened to have YES on in the background and he was talking just as I passed his card, on the same page as the Duncan.

My last entry is cheating a bit, it's actually two cards, but it was their juxtaposition next to each other on the page that caught my eye.

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