Friday, April 17, 2009

Yankee Pride

Judging by the other baseball card blogs out there, I am not only the only Yankee fan with a baseball card blog, but the only baseball card blogger who doesn't hate the Yankees. I can understand Met and Red Sox fans hating the Yankees due to the natural rivalry. I can also understand it from Braves and Ranger fans because of the way the Yankees have dominated them in the playoffs (and Dodger fans too, for the historical rivalry). Conversely, I can't understand why fans of a team that dominate the Yankees in the playoffs (I am looking at you, "I ♥ Halos") would hate them so much. Don't tell me it's about the money unless you refuse to root for free agents that sign with your team. Is it really just jealousy over the titles and media attention?

Not that I need to prove myself as a "real" fan, but I grew up and still live on Long Island which is solid Met country, and I first became a fan in 1986, when the Mets were dominant. I was the only Met fan in my class, and the teacher made a bulletin board out of Mets baseball cards when they won the World Series. (I still think of it when I see a 1986 Topps card of a Met). My first five years of being a Yankee fan, I saw their record get worse every year, and it took a decade before I first saw the Yankees in the playoffs.

So here is a proud assortment of Yankees baseball cards. If the sight of them makes you retch, remember that I am happy to take the Yankee cards you have off your hands and send you some cards of your own favorite team.


  1. haha! I do get frustrated at times with the money the Yankees have, not because they sign free agents, but just that they can outbid anyone. I'd love if my team could do that, and my team actually does go after free agents, so it's not like I'm a Pirate fan.
    Most of my Yankee hate comes from their constant media presence. I just get so tired of hearing about the Yankees and their preeminence. I'd love to see the Angels being talked about non-stop on ESPN, etc., but when it's the team from new York it just gets old. We out here on the West Coast have a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to the media and their ignoring of us.
    So yes, I'm jealous. And also thrilled that we have had the upper hand in recent playoff battles, but I just hope it continues.
    And to show I'm a good sport, I'll start working on a pile of Yankees to send your way. haha

  2. There are two Yankees fans who run A Cardboard Problem. Eric at The Pettitte Pursuit is also a Yankee fan.

    I could start a blog based only on the reasons why I dislike the Yankees. And I've touched on a few before. But I'm a Dodger fan and a huge Brooklyn Dodger fan, so I'm not supposed to like the Yankees.

    Part of it has to do with when I came of age baseball-wise. It was during a period of Yankee domination (late '70s). And my father and grandfather were Red Sox/Mets fans, so disliking the Yankees was kind of inborn.

    I always like trading away my Yankees. The problem is they disappear so fast.