Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kirk Dressendorfer's favorite card

Kirk Dressendorfer kindly answered some of my baseball card questions. Dressendorfer was a three-time All American at the University of Texas, made seven starts for the 1991 Oakland A's, and averaged a strikeout an inning over his eight year pro career.

- Do you have a favorite card of yourself or of another player?

I have copies of all of my baseball cards. I like the Gold Leaf Card a lot.

- Do you collect baseball cards?

My brother and I collected cards when we were little. He, being the wiser older brother claimed most of the baseball cards leaving me with the football cards. Me, being the younger brother decided to write my name on the back of MY baseball cards. Of course, there are no telling how many valuable cards we ruined putting them in our bicycle spokes.

Thanks, Kirk! Not many kids who grow up writing their own name on baseball cards actually end up with real ones with their name and picture! Although I don't have the Leaf Gold Rookie card, I do have several other of his cards, including this one from 1992 Pinnacle.


  1. A lot of my favorite cards are of A's with the solid yellow jersey :D

  2. When I interviewed former pitcher David Clyde, he said he hated his 1979 Topps card. He decided to sign his name big and bold across his face to minimize the effect.
    At least players of the last 20 years or so have many more cards from which to choose. Back in Clyde's day, you got 1 a year. I always wondered if any player ever asked for input in his card photo.