Monday, April 27, 2009

Yankee oddities

Here are a couple of head-scratches from the Yankees I got from I Heart Halos.

If Jesse Barfield's Diamond Skill was his throwing arm, why do they show him in a batting pose?

What's with the psychedelic design here? I love how shiny the card is, but the graphic is really bizarre and random for a baseball card.


  1. I had the same problem with the Barfield card. It couldn't have been that difficult to find a photo of him throwing the ball or at least playing outfield.

  2. Jesse does (did) commentary up here in Toronto on weekends over the summer.

    Anyways, one day he was floatin' around and I threw him my sketch book over the dugout and asked him to sign a page so I could do a sketch up.

    Anyways, Jesse signed the cover. It's not like he didn't want people scanning his autograph or something, because he signed on the white. Unfortunately, the tiny bit of white he signed on was right over the most ridiculously childish picture of lion, and a rhino.

    Sketch pads normally have pretty ridiculous covers.

    Anyways, I went from excited as it gets to downright depressed. What do you even do with a Jesse Barfield autograph on a crazy-lion-fighting-rhino sketch pad?

    There are 100 blank pages inside, some with sketches and you sign...

    the cover.

    Thanks Jesse.