Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Far away from the major leagues

For my 100th post, I am going to look at some minor league cards. Unlike their big league brethren, these players don't get photographed in fancy stadiums that hold 50,000 people. The settings for their baseball card photos are a lot more humble.

For example, here's Mariano Delos Santos, who looks more like he is on someone's deck rather than in a ballpark.

Check out the fence behind Larry Luebbers! I wonder what fell on it to create that major dent? You sure wouldn't see that in a major league park.

The funniest pictures are the ones of newly drafted high school players, yet to appear in a pro game. It looks like the Classic photographer got a shot of Joe Wagner in his backyard.

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  1. I love Minor League cards, sometimes you can see their fields and it's sort of depressing because my crappy High School ball field looked nicer. I remember when Canseco was fighting back to the majors in the independent league he stated that he bought an a/c and soda machine for their clubhouse because they simply could not afford it.