Friday, January 8, 2021

Yet more pockets picked

 This week I got another awesome pickpockets gift from A Cracked Bat. The two PWEs covered a lot of the usual themes I look for when picking pockets:

Older cards of much older players. Lately I have been getting more into this kind of card, '70s/'80s/early 90s cards of vintage players.

Yankees! Nice to have a card commemorating Sabathia's 3000th strikeout, even though he lost the game. And two new Riveras are a very welcome treat.
Oddballs! My favorite here is the highly off-center photo of Rick Langford, the kind of quirkiness you often see in early 80s Fleer. That Smokey Bear card is great too, though.
Shiny cards! Maybe my favorite thing to look for in the Pick Pockets, there are always some gaudy-looking cards to be had. The Gonzalez Pizzas card wasn't quite as shiny as I thought it would be but the design with all the Z's makes up for that.


  1. The Riveras win this round. The grays and the pin stripes.

  2. A lot of great cards here, the Hostess Langford is especially nice though.

  3. Rookie Surge - loved this set in the 90s!