Thursday, January 7, 2021

Eight cards from Nine Pockets

 I got some nice oddball cards in the recent giveaway at Nine Pockets. There's a Squirt title card, a Sportflics advertising insert, a Jiffy Pop, Collect-a-Books, Donruss Pop-Up, an unlicensed Mattingly, and two 1985 7-Eleven discs (for some reason Eddie Murray's has three photos in the lenticular and Steve Garvey only has two.

Though I love oddballs the attraction for me of course was a new Mattingly card. It's from the 1986 Renata Galasso Don Mattingly set. I have a couple of cards from that set and should really pick up the rest at some point.
I also wanted to call attention to the backs of a couple of these. The Collect-A-Books Matt Williams has a funny, and already somewhat-dated, cartoon on the back. And I thought the Squirt card would just be a checklist or something, but it actually has a very nice listing of active .300 hitters.


  1. Glad the Mattingly card was a new one for you! And I agree, those Squirt Soda header cards were done right.

  2. Awesome. I have a few hockey packs I am going to open and post about from 9 Pockets! Definitely cool cards.

  3. There not really for me, but the 7-Eleven discs are pretty neat. I've owned a few before (all have since been given away), but never paid any attention to how many photos each player had.