Saturday, January 2, 2021

Cards and Vintage Things: June 20th, 1964

 Plane crashes were the big news on June 20th, 1964. All 57 passengers, including 20 Americans, were killed when a Taiwanese Civil Air Transport plane crashed in western Taiwan. The plane was carrying attendees to the 11th Film Festival in Asia. Meanwhile in the US, two people were killed when a plane carrying Senators Edward Kennedy and Birch Bayh crashed in Southampton, MA. Senator Kennedy suffered several fractured vertebrae and ribs.

Neversink Forest is a Tall Cedars of Lebanon Masonic organization in Reading, PA., organized on April 18, 1914. The organization appears to still be in existence today, though much smaller.

Reading is not too far from Philadelphia, so presumably most of those at the celebration were Phillies fans. June 20th was a rough day for the team, as the Mets rapped out 16 hits and scored seven runs in a 7-3 victory over Philadelphia. Roy Sievers's two run HR in the sixth inning was the one big highlight for the Phils. The next day was quite a bit better for Philly, as Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game on Father's Day.

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