Sunday, January 24, 2021

All this for some '87 Topps

 I recently sent most of the '87 Topps Traded set I won from A Cracked Bat to Night Owl. He sent me a really generous return package.

Here are some hits to my wantlist for my Topps setbuilds of recent years. That would have been a fine enough return.

Also some hits to my 1998 Collectors Choice and 1990 Leaf wantlists, even better.
How about some '70s football too? 
But wait, there's more! Some really nice '60s (and one '70s) vintage. Surely that's it? No!
Four 1950s cards - amazing!
I had to show the back of the 1955 Johnny Riddle. Not just for the 1905 birthdate, but for the cartoon which would become obsolete a year after the card was published.


  1. yep, I'd buy those for a dollar. lol. nice trade

  2. That cartoon is awesome! That 53T Joe Black is too.

  3. Is it possible that baseball card bloggers have become even MORE generous lately? With some of the trade posts that have gone up around the blogosphere lately, it seems like that's the case. Nice work here, Bo!

  4. If I had any '87 Topps to send out, I'd gladly do so for even just a few of these :)