Sunday, May 31, 2020

Highly generous and completely fantastic

There are so many generous bloggers out there who have been giving away such nice cards, in many cases nicer than what I myself have for my own collection, let alone as trade bait. In terms of volume of cards sent the nicest just might be Brian of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary. This week he sent me a couple hundred awesome cards - apparently I had won a contest in addition to the results of several Free Card Fridays. I'm not even sure where the FCF cards end and the contest cards begin, as I wasn't keeping track of what I asked for (makes it a better surprise that way). Here are some highlights of what I got from him:

A couple of Yankee autographs.
 A whole lot of fun cards of various kinds.
 2017 and 2019 setbuilds.
 My last two cards needed to complete the 1998 Topps set! I now have the full run from 1977-2008.
I remember picking out this card. I found it funny that the sign behind him said "SLUTS".
I guess it's "SUITE" but come on, you saw "SLUTS" first too.

A variety of great Yankee cards.
 Two unopened packs of 2003 Victory.
 Each pack had one green parallel card. Hard to do better than the two I got - Pujols and Maddux.
 Thanks Brian! Despite your note I do plan on sending some cards to you!


  1. That Burns card is cool. I definitely saw the same thing as you the first time I saw that card.