Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Trade with The Collective Mind

GCA of The Collective Mind generously sent me some great vintage in return for some of his modern and vintage needs. Here is what he sent:

Some '76 commons. My favorite is Rich Coggins at Yankee Stadium East (aka Shea Stadium).
 Tom Hilgendorf gets me one closer to completion on '75 - just 21 left to go.
 A few '74s including a couple of Hall-of-Fame managers.
 Some '73 commons. I love the photos on the Bryant and McAuliffe cards.
 I saved the best for last - two of the biggest names in the '73 set, even though they couldn't be two more different human beings. Getting a vintage Clemente base card is really fantastic.

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  1. And thanks to you! Got mine yesterday in a pile of about seven packages. I'll be posting them all soon.