Monday, January 22, 2018

1993 Studio Greg Swindell

Hobbies are golf, crossword puzzles and country music: Swindell said in a recent interview that he golfs “a little” and does crossword puzzles.

Favorite player as a kid was Steve Carlton: Swindell and Carlton were teammates on the 1987 Indians.

Most prized possession is his boot collection (20 pairs): I wonder how big the collection has gotten.

Might have been a truck parts salesman if he hadn’t been an athlete: Swindell did not go into the truck parts business after his baseball career.

Pet peeve is loud people: Seems like you could write a good country song about a truck parts salesman with loud neighbors and 20 pairs of cowboy boots.

Where he is now:  An announcer for the Texas Longhorns.

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