Friday, May 13, 2016

Tony Clark on baseball cards

First baseman Tony Clark played fifteen seasons in the major leagues, predominantly with the Tigers. An All-Star in 2001, he topped 30 home runs three times and finished his career with 251 HR and 824 RBI. Now the Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

- Do you have any stories about cards of yourself or of other players? 

I recall having a card of myself holding a sign with my name on it, as well as a card that had me playing 1st as a left-handed 1st baseman.  Beyond that, I also remember, when I was about 8-9 years old,  my family was having a garage sale and I wanted to sell something, too.  As a result, I ended up selling two shoe boxes full of baseball cards!  To this day, I have no idea if there was anything of real value among the lot, but I know now that they were likely worth more than the $5 I received!

- Do you have a favorite card of yourself or of another player?

No favorites.  We rarely received cards from the manufacturers themselves, so anything I have is the result of fans sending them to me.  That also means that I have very few (if any) cards from other Players.

- Do you collect baseball cards?
Unfortunately, I gave my heart and soul away at the garage sale 35 years ago!

Thanks! The card where he appears left-handed is from 1997 E-X2000, a see-through card which featured the reverse of the front image on the back, but with the uniform altered to not look backwards. I could not find a card of him where he is holding a sign with his name - any ideas?

Here is a card of him from my collection.

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