Saturday, May 14, 2016

The 2014s and the 2016s are here

Got an awesome package today from the blogosphere's most generous man, David of TribeCards. It had all the cards from the 2014 giveaway as well as the first batch from this years! So much cool stuff in here.

The 2014 giveaway was done by player, meaning if you drafted a player you got all of their cards pulled during the year - which can really highlight Topps's occasional lack of creativity.
 But it also shows something I didn't realize - that the base set and opening day set sometimes have different photos. I believe they are usually the same?
 They looked so young and skinny back in '97! (And so did I...)
 I still don't have any base Topps cards from 2016, but thanks to this giveaway I do have my first 2016s. I may be the only blogger who actually likes the new Donrusses. They are similar enough to the eighties, but not the same, so I can imagine myself being a kid in that era again and seeing a new card design for a new year.
 My first Topps's from 2016 come not from the base set but from Gypsy Queen!
 I'll end off with Ivan Nova, who pitched a great game today to shut down the White Sox.

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