Thursday, May 19, 2016

Leland Macon on baseball cards

Outfielder Leland Macon played four seasons in the Rangers organization. In 400 games he hit .251 with 11 HR, 138 RBI and 69 SB. Now an Associate Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual and a volunteer coach for the St. Louis Gamers, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"The 1994 Bowman card is the favorite of myself. My kids still can not believe how young I look! I don't actually have a card, but both of my sons, my wife and mother have a few. A few years ago we held a fundraiser for our baseball team to go to Cooperstown, and the kids found my cards online and auctioned them off...I think we made 20 bucks! I was embarrassed, but great for a laugh! My boys are always looking at the projected stats on the back of the card and asking if I was really that fast of a runner. Growing up my favorite cards were of any St. Louis Cardinals players. I used to build my collection, one pack at a time. I never got the card boxes, so I had to be very strategic and selective with my trading activities. I don't still collect cards...I figured with the internet, trading cards were almost obsolete."

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