Friday, May 6, 2016

Jamie Dismuke on baseball cards

First baseman Jamie Dismuke played nine seasons of professional baseball, mostly in the Reds organization. In 793 games he hit .277 with 94 HR and 429 RBI. His best season was 1993, when he hit .306 with 20 HR and 91 RBI for AA Chattanooga. Now the hitting coach for the Birmingham Barons, AA affiliate of the White Sox, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I have no baseball card stories of my own, my favorite stories come from interactions with the fans who ask me to sign my cards and tell me their stories from a game I played in, or even coached. I love to hear stories of how we met "back in the day". 

My favorite card is my Upper Deck Chattanooga Lookouts card - The one of me flying around the bases. LOL Not only because I have a look of pure determination but because of the honor of having "Reds Top Prospects" on the front.

And I wouldn't say I am a card collector, but my fiancée Toni has quite a large collection of baseball cards from over 25 years. She even has a collection of all of my cards LOL. And, since I'm blessed to be working with a lot of the top prospects in the game today, we save the team sets each year to pass on to my son, James Jr. one day."


  1. Love these stories, just wish you would have credited me or my site for using my image.

    1. Had no idea that was from your site - he actually attached that photo to the message he sent me! I figured it was from his collection!

    2. Not a problem. That's cool that he chose my card. Let's me know that Jamie has been to my site.