Friday, July 3, 2015

Trade with GCRL

I have traded with GCRL several times over the years and his trade packages are always great. Here are some highlights from this particular package:

Awesome to get a Mattingly card I did not have from the year I started collecting.
 A much more modern card. It's called "Robbed in Center" though it looks like he's just catching a standard warning-track fly ball.
 Lots of hits to my want-list of recent Topps sets, including a bunch of double play cards that he no doubt had lots of extras of.
Finally, this one was a bit of a mystery to me, but after doing a little investigating I found out it was from a set called 1983 Topps Foldouts. This one has Griffey on one side and Willie Wilson on the back, and was part of what I guess was a poster-size card with about ten different players on it. This one was cut up but as you can see by comparison is still much larger than a typical card.

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