Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some random Wallet Card photos

A few wallet card photos that weren't really meaty enough for their own posts:

If you zoom in on the sign Gene's, a Greenwich Village restaurant since 1919, you will notice the phone number OR5-2048. "OR" stood for Oregon, which was what the area's phone exchange was called before converting to all-number dialing in the 1960s.
 Here's another sign old enough for an alphabetical exhange. MU stood for Murray Hill.
 The sign on Phil's Stationery on 47th Street is old enough that the sign company decal on the lower right had an alphabetical phone exchange. It's too small to see in the photo, though, but it dates this sign to the 1960s at least.

 The sign for Trumart Fabrics on Seventh Avenue appears to be about the same age.

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