Sunday, July 5, 2015

Last week's street box

I did pick up one $3 box last week. It was a pretty good one. Here are some highlights:

Always happy to get a major league card of a Yankee I did not have, even if he never actually pitched for the Yankees.
 Lots of fun getting a Broder card, even if it's pretty beat up.
 There have to have been at least a thousand 2007 Topps cards in these boxes already, no exaggeration. I notice this one actually is labeled "1st day edition". I didn't realize that was a variation. I'll probably have to sift through the 2007's I've gotten to see if there are any others like that. For my own collection, I generally consider front variations as legit and ignore back variations. What that means here is that I have a lot of the red-letter back '07's to trade if anyone needs them for their collection.
 An interesting miscut from 2003 Fleer Platinum. Notice the very bottom of the card with the blue and yellow stripes typical of most of the set, but not this "unsung heroes" subset.
 Here is what the blue and yellow striped cards look like. This one must be from a similar batch; notice the white line at the very top of the card.
 I'm not sure if this is actually Zach Parker or not but the name on the uniform definitely isn't Parker. Whoever this is, he's business on the front...
 ...and party on the back. The real Parker actually goes by Zack and now works in the TV industry. Fans of the show "Arrested Development" may be interested to know that he worked as a Fox office PA for that show.

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