Friday, April 24, 2015

Trade with Infield Fly Rule

Adam from Infield Fly Rule and I recently had a massive trade and yesterday I got a box packed full of awesome stuff, a great random mix but mostly Topps cards from the last five years. Haven't gotten a chance to upload my wantlist but he really whittled down those 2010-2013 years. I haven't had a chance to really look through all of it yet but here are a few highlights that jumped out at me.

Lots of awesome shiny cards, which I love. This Adam Dunn card was one of the shiniest.
 I had seen these cards which brought back the old Topps Rookies design from my youth, but this is my first time actually having one. I enjoy it more than a lot of the other retro designs, just wish it was super-glossy like the old ones, to give it a more realistic feel of being back in 1989.
 This was a funny card. I'm definitely not a Red Sox fan but Manny was one of the most fun players to come along in the last couple of decades, except when he was hitting home runs against the Yankees!
 The backs of the Bowman cards are always interesting. Sometimes they reveal more than they intend - doesn't sound like the Ethier brothers are terribly close.

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  1. Massive trade is right! Thanks and I hope you find more to like in that box.