Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trade with The Baseball Card Snob

Paul, writer of the Baseball Card Snob blog, doesn't post on his blog much, but is still an active trader. We recently exchanged a few cards. Paul hit my want lists from several sets. Here are a few highlights from what I received:

The rookie card from one of the biggest stars in baseball. Once upon a time that would be an instantly-recognizable card. You could always easily picture in your mind the rookie card of Mattingly, Canseco, Gooden, etc, even if you didn't have the card. At least for me, I couldn't do the same for Kershaw, Cano, Verlander, et al.
 It's fun to get cards from an established power hitter from early in their career when their manager would still call on them to bunt instead of swing for the fences.
 This may be my favorite card from this package. Play-at-the-plate cards are a bit cliche in the blogosphere but this one has a more dynamic take.

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