Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another box from Broadway Al

The street vendor on Broadway was back after being away for a few weeks. I picked up another $3 box but despite the low price it wasn't actually that great a buy.

Out of a few hundred cards in the box there were only 23 baseball cards I needed. A few of them were from the 2007 Fleer set like this one.
 There were maybe a hundred cards that I didn't need that are up for trade if anyone wants them. Highlights include most of the rated rookies from 1988 Donruss, a bunch of '88 and '90 Topps Big, some '95 Topps, and some '94 Ultra.
 The box was probably 90% football. I'll keep most of them for someday when I really start a football collection. Lots to dupes to trade though - the cards pictured below give an idea of some of the most common sets to appear - 2007 Playoff, 2009 Stadium Club, 2006 Topps, 2007 Ultra and 2007 UD Artifacts.
 At least this time there was almost no basketball. There were a few hockey cards, all of which are available for trade. Most of them were from '91 OPC.

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