Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wallet Card: Style Undies

One of the coolest thing about old buildings are the vintage ads painted on the sides - they are almost always many decades out of date, making them a nice little time capsule.
This one on West 36th street, near 6th Avenue, always makes me laugh because of the name all the way at the top - Style Undies (you can see it if you "view image" and then zoom in). Thanks to the great site 14 to 42 I learned that Style Undies was the name of a children's underwear manufacturer that was in that building from 1938 to 1957, when they relocated two blocks south. They went out of business in 1973.

The site also gives details on the six other companies who have ads on the side of the building. All have been out of business for decades and none have been in this particular building since 1967.

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