Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Player Profile: Kevin Bradshaw

I have one card of Kevin Bradshaw, from 1990 ProCards.

Playing career: Infielder Kevin Bradshaw played in the Tigers organization from 1986 to 1989. In 282 games he hit .241 with 0 HR, 65 RBI and 16 SB.

Where he is now: Minor league infield coordinator for the Orioles.

My memories: Only know him from his card.

Google Autocomplete results: He is first when you type Kevin Brads, ahead of Kevin Bradshaw Linkedin, referring to 114 people on the social media site. There are no mentions of the baseball player on the first page of google results; most are about a former college basketball star.

Coming up next: The next profile will be Terry Bradshaw.

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