Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wallet Card: Hilton Passageway

The Hilton Passageway (the name came when the Hotel Pennsylvania was still called the Statler Hilton) runs more or less below 32nd street, between the LIRR and the Amtrak/NJ Transit tracks. This oft-forgotten corridor has some of the best glimpses of the old Penn Station.

 This sign by the 2 and 3 subway entrance points you to Penn R.R. Trains. Not technically pre-renovation, but right after, as the Penn Central Railroad went bankrupt in 1970. This sign was out-of-date before Donnie Baseball was even Donnie Fifth Grade.
Moving east along the corridor there is some exposed tile where the drop ceiling has been removed. These glass bricks used to filter sunlight down through the old Penn Station.

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