Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wallet Card: By Request: Carnegie Deli

I'm definitely open to any requests for places you'd like to see Donnie go this year. Basically anything in midtown - or just beyond. The first request came from Unclemoe at the 2008 Topps blog, who wanted to see the Carnegie Deli. The Carnegie Deli is one of the most famous delis in the world. It was even on a recent episode of Impractical Jokers (very funny show you should catch if you don't watch it). I don't think I've ever eaten there myself, though it is possible. One thing that struck me as I took the picture is how anonymous it looks - just another deli. In fact what may be most interesting is that it has kept the old-fashioned neon lighting you don't see much anymore, a contrast to the slicker but more bland eateries you generally see in New York these days. Though much of the lighting was inoperative yesterday when I took the photo...


  1. It's a great deli - the sandwiches are unnecessarily huge! I personally like Katz better, but both are good stops in Manhattan!

  2. I'm with lifetimetopps -- those sandwiches are incredible. I had the Woody Allen once...took half of it home and I eat like crazy!

    1. Oh, and for my request, I think you should take him for a ride on the LIRR and get a photo with Donnie Baseball in Hollis. :-)