Monday, December 8, 2014

An in-person trade

Did an in-person trade with someone who had posted on Craigslist. Kind of nice to meet someone in-person and exchange cards. Got some cool cards from a variety of sets like this 1997 Topps Derek Jeter:
But when looking at the cards the majority of the most interesting photos came from 1995 Pinnacle. Here are some highlights.

We met near the location of a new card shop today that opened recently in my county. I decided to check it out since I'm not usually in that area. I went in and the guy asks me if I am looking for something. I asked if there were any dime boxes. His response? "What's a dime box?" I explained to him about a box of common cards mixed together that you could pull from. He pulled out a bunch of boxes of star players in plastics and said they would be all different prices but more than a dime. I wasn't about to start haggling over cards I wasn't really interested so I left. I wish my area had cool LCSes like I read about in other blogs. Everything is NY is overvalued and overpriced.

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  1. Oy. Dude, it's a way to move commons/cards that just sit around. Baffling that these types of things aren't embraced.