Saturday, December 6, 2014

Darnell McDonald on baseball cards

Outfielder Darnell McDonald played seven seasons in the major leagues for the Orioles, Twins, Reds, Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs. In 331 games he hit .250 with 20 HR and 83 RBI. His brother Donzell played in the major leagues with the Yankees and Royals. Now a Baseball Operations Assistant for the Chicago Cubs, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"My brother and I started collecting baseball cards and other cards such as garbage pail kids. The cards that we didn’t like or that we didn’t feel were as valuable we would put in our bike spokes and use as a motor. I think that I have card with myself and someone else and my info was wrong on the card so I thought that was funny. My favorite card growing up was the Ken Griffey rookie card. My brother and I were big on the Topps cards that had the gold rookie card trophy on the bottom. At this time I do not collect cards but I wish I knew what happened to the collection I had growing up. My brother and I had quite a collection."

Thanks! His 1998 Topps card with Ntema Ndungidi appears to have correct placement of the photos on the front, but reversed on the back.

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