Sunday, January 27, 2013

1990 Richmond Braves (ProCards)

This is one of the most interesting teams in the set. It even has a team picture card, though it seems to have been taken from really far away.
 Two teenage clubhouse managers. Drake and Barden were there last names - these days, those would probably be common first names.
 It looked like Mark Eichhorn was a flash-in-the-pan with Toronto who was on the way down, but he reversed that situation and returned to the majors for several years with the Angels.
 Jim Beauchamp got to manage his son Kash on this team.
 The biggest star on the club, future Yankee hero David Justice.
 Here's a card of a guy named Alex Smith. Did you know that Colin Kaepernick was drafted by the Cubs in 2009?
 Here's a guy named Eddie Mathews. I guess the Braves figured, "it worked once..."
Remember when people were talking about Leo Mazzone as a Hall-of-Fame pitching coach? Then he went to the Orioles and had no success. Guess it was the pitchers, not the coach.

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