Friday, January 18, 2013

1989 Toledo Mud Hens (ProCards)

One of the great baseball team names, the Mud Hens have been the Tigers' AAA team since 1987.

Delwyn Young is the father of Nationals' infielder Delwyn Young Jr. He is not related to Delmon Young or Dmitri Young.
 Here's another "eyes-closed" shot.
 I like getting cards of people like Larry See, who had a brief major league career but never got a major league card.
 An equipment manager's card is unusual enough...
 ...but it's even more unusual when it features his height and weight! At 6'4", 205, he was bigger than most of the players on the team.

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  1. After nurturing Trammell, Whitaker, Morris, Gibson, etc in the 70s the Tigers couldn't develope quality ballplayers at all in the 80's. Very few worth noting came up through the Tigers system in the 80s early 90s. Travis Fryman and Mike Henneman are the only two I can think of offhand.

    How crazy to think an equipment mangaer would get a card.