Thursday, January 17, 2013

1989 Columbus Clippers (ProCards)

The Clippers were the Yankees' AAA club, even though they wore hats that looked like those of the Chicago Cubs (or Calgary Cannons).

 It's Bernie!
 As a Yankee fan, its fun to get cards of guys who had major league cards with other teams, but never the Yankees. Many of these guys never even played in the majors as a Yankee. (Without looking it up, I think only Kiefer actually spent time in the Bronx.)
This cards features manager Bucky Dent standing in the middle, flanked by coaches Ken Rowe and Champ Summers. Rowe and Summers died about six weeks apart this past fall (Summers in October, Rowe in November).
 Like his mentor Billy Martin, Bucky Dent always wore a cross on his baseball cap. You can often see it on both Dent and Martin's big league manager cards.
 Ken Schnacke was named GM in 1989, which is probably why he has a card even though his title is still listed as "Asst. GM" on the card. He is still the Clippers' GM today.

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