Friday, July 15, 2011

Trade with Scott Crawford

Here are some of the hundreds of cards I got in my latest trade with Scott Crawford.

Lots of shiny stuff, like 1999 SP Top Prospects.

Speaking of shiny, there was a bunch of Score Gold Rush, the best of the various 90s parallel sets.

He also sent me a bunch of 1980 Topps. I now just need 100 (Bench), 393 (Ozzie), 450 (Brett), 482 (Rickey), 500 (Seaver), 508 (UL Washington), 580 (Ryan), 600 (Reggie), and 689 (Red Sox team) to finish the set.

Speaking of finishing sets, I am down to five needs for 1992 Fleer - 6 (Dwight Evans), 182 (Molitor), 237 (Mattingly), 252 (Canseco), and 710 (Ryan ProVisions). I have hundreds of other cards from that set to trade; if anyone wants a starter set for 1992 Fleer let me know.

I also have a complete 1991 Score set to trade; and a complete 33-card 1989 Kmart set to trade.

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