Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pete Alborano on baseball cards

Pete Alborano played seven seasons in the Royals and Phillies organizations. His best year was 1989, when he hit .337 with 6 triples in 77 games for Baseball City. Now a sheriff in the Nassau County Police Department, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I have many fond memories of my career and pro ball, however most recently I have noticed some real low lifes asking me for my autograph because they are "big fans" and they want to add my name to their collection. It turns out, with some research on my part, these so called"fans" are not fans at all but are actually selling my cards at a nice profit, some upwards of 8 dollars a card...not bad for a 25 cent card ,huh? I think it's disgraceful and its people like this that spoil it for good loyal people like yourself. To answer your other questions, I do not collect cards, and I do have a favorite of was a 1992 Skybox card pre rookie (Fleer) Reading Phillies...I wasn't able to obtain many of these and still can't find them...if you find any I would appreciate any help."

Thanks! I couldn't find a picture of the 1992 card, so here is the one Alborano card I have, from 1989 Star. I actually have two of these, so I'm going to offer him one. If you have any extra cards of his, let me know and I'll see if he wants it.

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