Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rick Krivda on baseball cards

Rick Krivda pitched for the Orioles, Indians and Reds from 1995 to 1998, winning eleven games. Currently a baseball instructor in the Baltimore area, he is a board member and trainer/coach mentor for the Youth Baseball Coach Association. He kindly shared with me some of his baseball card experiences.

"I have a liking towards my baseball card while biting a bat...something I was doing while waiting for the shoot.

My favorite card of myself is of the 1993 one while I was running in Binghamton,NY running with my "walkman" on.

I have an extensive collection of NFL cards from the 70's...O.J., Fred Dryer, Walter Payton to name a few...I have to check the value of some of my 70's and 80's cards. I think I have some complete sets in mint condition. I have mostly football cards but baseball,hockey and NBA."


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