Thursday, January 14, 2010

A shoeboxful of goodies

Back in August, I first traded with SpastikMooss of Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. That seems to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as we have now traded cards four times in the last five and a half months. This time, he sent me some cards in "this size 5 children's shoebox that I took home when I used to work at payless many years ago that has held a video camera, my prized baseball cards, and a digital camera at different times over the years".

Quite an honor to get this prized shoebox - we'll have to another trade at some point so SpastikMooss can get his box back! (He can keep the Ikea sink strainer box that his cards are coming in.)

First off, before Thorzul falls asleep from this trade post, I got Bipped! Twelve 1990 Donruss Fred McGriffs!

Don't worry, SpastikMooss, you're going to get an even bigger Bippage from another card in that same set, coincidentally.

This is my first-ever bobble-head doll. Apparently it is supposed to be Bernie Williams but it sure doesn't look anything like him.

He sent a bunch of Don Mattingly cards I didn't have - here's just one of them:

Lots of shiny Upper Deck stickers - I love these!

Lots of current Yankees like A-Rod and Damon (hope he stays a Yankee). Johnny sure looks cocky for someone who at the time only had 47 major league games under his belt.

The vast majority of cards he sent me were perfectly mint. However, he knows I'm no condition snob and sent me some fun used-and-abused cards like Junior Ortiz run over by a car and Chris Hoiles with coffee stain. Those of you with cards like this and want to get rid of them I'm always up for trading for more of these! I'll even send mint cards in return!

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  1. I'm glad I found a place to send the weird Bernie bobblehead and the cards that my little brother killed. He was a lot younger when I started collecting cards (like me 12, him 6) and so he had a lot of bad habits like throwing cards in plastic bags or spilling soda on piles of cards. That's why I now have 3 Kobe Bryant rookie cards (courtesy of him), but two are bent and one has terrible corners so none are worth much haha.

    All that said, I am glad that box made it. Such a useful little box. And I cannot wait to see how I am bipped in return!