Saturday, January 30, 2010

Austin Manahan's favorite baseball cards

Austin Manahan played eight years in the Pirates, Padres, Expos and Cubs organizations, as well as playing pro ball in Australia. He is now Sales Director at Glad2BHome, a company that creates local business coupon packets directed to new homeowners. He kindly replied to my request for his thoughts on baseball cards with these descriptions of his favorite cards:

"I do have a favorite card...two that I actually really like...the 1992 Upper Deck...nice shot on the front.
Also, they made a card (I only have one) in Australia for the ABL when I was there in 90-91 playing in their 'so called' league. I love that card also...great shot on the front. I remember the smell of the grass, the weather, the field etc...everything, like it was yesterday."

He has also promised me some funny stories about cards from his minor league days as well as a cool story about how he got an autographed picture of George Brett's Pine Tar Bat (he grew up a Royals fan) so stay tuned!

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