Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Denny Hocking on baseball cards

Denny Hocking played 13 years in the major leagues; 11 years for the Twins, and one each for the Rockies and Royals. Now the Field Coach for the Frederick Keys, the Orioles High-A minor league team, he kindly sent me his stories on baseball cards.

"Only story I have is I think my KC card is someone else. No other specific memories about them other than my daughter has a pillow with all my cards in it. I collected them as a kid but not now."

Thanks! I couldn't find a picture of the card he was referring to (2005 Omaha Royals Multi-Ad #11) but here is a picture of him with the Twins. If anyone has that Royals card I would be interested to see a picture of it to figure out who it really is.

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