Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baseball card stories from Kash Beauchamp

Kash Beauchamp, the Blue Jays first round draft pick in 1982, played 14 years in the minor leagues. Son of the late former major leaguer Jim Beauchamp, he played for his father on the 1989 International League champion Richmond Braves. Today, he runs Wood Bat Mechanics, which provides baseball instruction to aspiring professionals, and is feature writer at, an Oklahoma fan site. He kindly responded to my inquiry with some great baseball card stories.

"When baseball cards were at a peak, and I did card signings instead of money, I would just get cards or sets. I stlll have them although I am not an active collector. I remember getting a whole set one time when there was a special rookie class of Bonds, McGwire, Canseco, etc but the steroid scandal has probably greatly reduced the value. I was a clown when I played and in a couple of cards I did some crazy things like holding the bat cross handed in one and then holding like 15 bats in another. My favorite card was probably my Richmond Braves card in '89 because that was a special year as we won the International League Crown and we had a great chemistry and I also played for my Dad that year and it brings back a lot of fond memories. I guess my most memorable card that makes me laugh was Billy Ripken's F#$K Face card. I played against him in the Minors and hung out with him a couple of times and he was a funny guy and that card kinda sums him up."

Thanks! Here are cards of him and his dad from 1989 ProCards.