Sunday, July 26, 2009

More fallout from the Craiglist haul

I finally got the last card I needed to complete my 1988 Donruss set, my first completed Donruss set.

Al Leiter is the best announcer the Yankees have.

These two cards now give me 791 out of 792 from 1990 Topps.

The last card I need is the Sammy Sosa rookie card. Anyone have an extra to trade?

Speaking of trading, I am going to have a lot of trade bait coming out of this haul, particularly from the following sets:
1986 Topps
1987 Topps
1988 Topps
1989 Topps
1990 Topps
1991 Topps
1993 Topps
1988 Donruss
1989 Donruss
1990 Donruss
1991 Donruss series 1
1989 Fleer
1989 Score
1989 Upper Deck
1989 Bowman

It will take a little time to figure out exactly what I have but if you have any interest let me know.

1 comment:

  1. Bo:

    Hello from Cambridge, Canada! I am not a baseball collector, but I do have the 1990 Sossa card you are looking for.

    It will be like being a kid again- let's trade!