Monday, July 20, 2009

A great trade Engineered

I made a mega-trade with Jeffrey of "One Sexy Engineer" (don't worry, it's a G-rated site) last week and got my cards this weekend.

Lots of great and fun cards.

With this McGwire, I now only need one more card to complete my 1988 Donruss set. Ironically, considering all the Yankee packages I have gotten from fellow bloggers, it's a Yankee card. Anyone have #43, Al Leiter?

Here's .160-lifetime hitter John Smoltz swinging for the fences. Will it go out?

No! Robbed of a home run by center fielder...John Smoltz!

Bong Puffer. Very funny. My piece-of-garbage stoner/drunkard neighbors would enjoy this card.

Naturally, lots of great Yankees, like Willie Randolph.

No Yankee is more fun to get for a fan my age then Don Mattingly. Simply no one looks better on a baseball card or anything else baseball related.

As much of a Yankee fan as I am, I can still appreciate great cards of players from any team. That includes even the Mets and Red Sox.


  1. Haha awesome Bong Puffer. I just got one of those two days ago!

    Also, if you think that's awesome, have you seen Wonderful Terrific Monds? Check him out if you haven't:

  2. Wow, the Smoltz at the fence and the Bong Puffer rookie have to be two of the coolest cards ever!