Sunday, January 17, 2021

Some more football cards and an update

 You may remember that the USPS misdelivered a couple of eBay football card orders and the best I could get from them was a handwritten note on a Google maps printout from the post office. Well, surprise of surprises, I am actually getting a refund from eBay on the $20 purchase, and am still waiting to hear about the $10 purchase. It took a call and quite a few emails with their customer service, but I am definitely feeling better about that fiasco.

While that was going on I did make one small purchase of a late '70s football lot. I have to say it kind of confirmed my "meh" feeling to vintage football. They're fun but not as much fun as I thought they would be.

Here are my favorite cards in the lot. Highlighted by some guys sitting on the bench, and a guy named "Joe Lavender" rocking some cool shades (which he sports on several other cards as well, apparently).
I don't regret the purchase but I am losing my enthusiasm for picking up more of these, though I'm still happy to trade for vintage football cards (and have quite a few from throughout the 70s to trade). What I do plan to do is to go through each set on TCDB and see which cards look most interesting to me, and make a want list just of them.


  1. Topps didn't have team licensing for several years.

  2. I feel the same way about 70's football as I do 70's baseball, they're interesting through the '73 set, then they become boring as all get out!