Friday, September 20, 2019

Wallet card at Yankee Stadium for the clincher!

Went to Yankee Stadium last night and saw a great game. The Yankees clinched the AL East with their 100th victory of the season. Masahiro Tanaka pitched great, and LeMahieu, Gardner, Maybin and Frazier all homered to give the Yankees a 9-1 win.

It was a work outing so I had to be subtle but I got a wallet-card shot. We were sitting in the first row of the upper deck in right field, hence the photo through the glass, where you can see my reflection as well as the "100" sign from the kids behind me. I had never sat in that area before - it was cool to see home runs land below me.
In this wild-card era, division clinchers aren't what they used to be. I took a photo of the Yankees on the field after the game but the celebration was no different than after any other win. Still, it was nice to be at a clinching game in-person.
Here's the scoreboard - AL East Champions. It's been seven years since the last time the Yankees won the division.
I also got some baseball cards at the Stadium - that will be another post. Also I came home (very late) at night to find three trade packages in the mailbox, the most I've ever gotten at once. One contained a '50s Hall-of-Famer I was expecting; one contained a '60s Hall-of-Famer I was not. All will be shown in future posts!


  1. No team should have had as much injuries as they did and compete, let alone succeed. It simultaneously impressed and annoyed me. I can't root for them in the playoff, but I will admit a healthy respect for the scrappy unknown guys (Tauchman, Ford, etc) who got them there.

  2. Work outing? I wish my employer took us to baseball games. Congratulations Yankee fans!