Saturday, September 21, 2019

CLEAR cards at Yankee Stadium

If you have gone to an MLB game this year or last, you have probably seen CLEAR stations for entering the ballpark, just like at airports, where people pay a fee to cut the security line quicker.  I never paid much attention to them. I don't fly very often, but I work at a firm where the consultants have to fly all the time, so many of them use CLEAR or TSA PreCheck. One of the partners had stopped by the CLEAR booth, where apparently they give out free packs of baseball cards. I couldn't find much about them online, looks like they've come out pretty recently. The partner asked if anyone wanted the cards. One Red Sox fan asked for the Mookie Betts, and when noone claimed any of the others, I asked for the other four.

Here they are - from the front, just regular 2019 Topps without the foil.
 The backs are numbered with a "CP" prefix - presumably "CLEAR Promotion". Fun and unexpected little oddball.


  1. It's similar to what was done with Utz. A smaller promotion with a company to get cards into hands of people who may not be collectors to give them a taste.

  2. I don't miss my airport job very often, but I'm wondering if I would've been able to get my hands on any of these if I still worked there.

  3. Cool cards. I've only attended two MLB games this season (one at the Oakland Coliseum and the other at Dodger Stadium) and I didn't even notice the CLEAR stations.

  4. When I went to a few games at Busch this summer, all you needed to do is not have a bag and you could walk right in. It was the best and easiest express line I'd ever seen. Apparently every single Cardinals fan feels it necessary to bring bags to the game with them.