Monday, September 30, 2019

Street trade (actually a trade)

In going through the thousands of junk wax cards I acquired recently, I pulled lesser Mets that I know Al likes (Darling, Mookie, Hundley believe it or not) to save for when he asks. A couple of days ago I gave him a bunch pre-emptively, plus I think there were a few others as well. Here is what I pulled in return. All are from the "M-T" box.

I haven't even checked yet to see if any of these are dupes. Probably some are. He also threw in a couple of damaged cards I found in the box, like the Edgar card in upper right. Note the two Fred McGriff variations in the middle, from the Leaf Rookies and Stars set. Both are the same card number.
 Some more. A few of these cards are actually National Packtime, like the Deion card that appears to be from '95 Fleer. I goofed on the Soriano/Beltran, guessing it was from Update but it's actually from the base set I already completed. Best card in the lot was definitely the Gold Rainbow parallel of the Frank Thomas middle-finger card.


  1. Don't forget to clean your fingernails, lol.

  2. I feel like I should swing by and drop off some Mets. I've never ventured to see Al, but I definitely want to.