Thursday, September 19, 2019

New cards from Sportscards from the dollar store

The vintage cards Doug of Sportscards from the Dollar Store would have been plenty, but he also sent me a whole lot of new Yankee cards. Most of these came from a Panini box break. If you are not bothered by the lack of logos (I barely notice it) than these are really nice-looking cards.

Here are some of the cards he sent . . .
 . . . and some of the higher-end ones. The Johnny Lasagna (Jonathan Loiasaga) is numbered 10/10.
Lots of Giancarlo Stanton.
Even more Aaron Judge. I only had seven Judge cards before this.
Finally, two relic cards - Miguel Andujar, and Aaron Judge!
With Judge I now have my second "trifecta" - (autograph, relic, rookie card). My first was Nick Johnson. This one is much better!

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  1. That Judge is cool. I like the Hometown Heroes design. Congratulations on completing your second trifecta!