Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Trade with Scott Crawford part III: something else old

I got something else besides baseball cards in my trade with Scott Crawford. I've mentioned my interest in trading baseball cards for other old small things that might pique my interest. Scott had acquired a bunch of these milk caps a while ago and he included one in this trade. These caps would have been under the lid of old milk bottles. While I am more familiar with Great Neck, NY, apparently it is also the name of a neighborhood in Waterford, a town in southeastern Connecticut. I couldn't find much about A.B. Perkins Jr. or his dairy, other than that a lot of his milk caps seem to be for sale online.

What attracted me to the item was the old-style phone number - I love these. There are only four digits in the number, a usage which hasn't been seen in several decades. This is probably from the late 1940s or early 1950s at the latest.


  1. "From tuberculin tested cows". That's great!

  2. The lack of information is the thing that bugs me the most about collecting old things. I encounter this a lot with pre-1900 bottles, nobody ever bothered to write anything down, and if there ever were records, they're almost always long gone (i.e. destroyed). And very few people ever bother to do any real research these days, but of course not very many people collect these sorts of things anymore either, so if they happen upon one, it's just "How much is worth!!!!", not "Hmm, I wonder what the history behind this item is?".