Saturday, September 14, 2019

Going through junk wax

I've got about 25,000-30,000 junk wax cards that I've got sorted by set but no further. I'm planning to go through them once to pull useful cards (i.e. prominent Mets/Yankees/stars for Al, Tim Wallachs, variations, etc). Then I will sell, or more likely, give away the remainder.

This is just a small sampling of what my card room looks like right now. If anyone has specific players or types of cards that you would like me to pull them, let me know.
 Or if you have a small number of specific set needs (I'm not taking the time to sort these by number, but will look for a few specific cards for people). These are the sets:
Topps: 1986-1994, 1996, 2000-2008
Donruss: 1987-1993
Fleer: 1987-1992
Score: 1988-1991
Upper Deck: 1989-1992
Bowman: 1989-1990
Stadium Club: 1991
Triple Play: 1992

Also if anyone collects filler cards like these below. Lots more. Also Donruss puzzle pieces and Topps contest/product ads from the last 1980s.
 There might be a few printing errors that interest people, like these incompletely-printed 1987 Fleer backs.
Let me know soon before these cards disappear!


  1. Wow. Going through 25 to 30k worth of Junk Wax is either totally awesome... or totally not awesome. Have fun.

    P.S. Received your package yesterday! Plan to open it up today. Thanks in advance.

  2. I know you just sent me something, but could you put those '87 Fleer errors aside for a future mailing? I really dig stuff like that, so if you by chance came across any other printing errors like that, I'd be interested in those too.

  3. I'm in the middle of another transaction that involves 1991 Score. I don't know what my want list will be until I get those. If you could set aside the '91 Score until I know. If you can't, no problem.

  4. If any of those 200-2008 Topps are Update/Traded I'd be interested in them.

  5. At least you can still see a little bit of carpet in that card room!

    I'm putting together a set of 1991 Topps (about 250 cards to go). If you can put a big stack aside for me, maybe we can make a trade.

    Thanks very much for offering to do this, Bo!